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Originally Posted by the original Honcho
Are there any good places in the Gila?
Camping, yes.
But there is no real wheeling per say since a lot of the GNF is wilderness area.
There is a strip between the Gila Wilderness and the Aldo Leopold Wilderness area, that includes some tributaries of Mimbres River area.
Rstep and I wheeled down from (N Star Rd from Hwy 35) Cooney, NM back to the river a few years ago.
Nice camping in the area but it's not wheeling except for a few tight spots.
We also did McNight Rd. up towards the peak, we didn't make the peak simply due to time, but saw some potential down in what they call the Yates Canyon area, I have not been back.

None of this would really interest the big rig folks that have to trailer out, it's just not worth the drive w/trailer to see pretty scenery.
I hold any commitment until we hear from them since that was the main point of doing the 'Cruces trips.

All things considered I still have a list of things I want to do around Silver.
Ft. Cummins North of Deming:

Hell's Half Acres off Hwy 180:

Anything between Blue and Hwy 180
That area is littered with old logging roads between AZ and NM.
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