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Detail Work:
Much of the detail work from the factory has worn down or deteriorated. Dull letters and chipping chrome can be quite an eyesore, so I decided to fix that problem. Pull out the model paint, brushes, steel wool, and screwdriver. Using your screwdriver or any other small tipped object, pop out the labels for the AC controls and the windshield wiper and lights labels. There are two sets of labels (one sheet of plastic for "OFF FAN HI, OFF HEAT DEF" and one for ""COOL-------WARM, WIPER WASHER, LIGHTS." Use the steel wool to remove any trim/paint that you want to refinish. Wipe the areas clean that you wish to touch up. Make sure any fibers from the steel wool (or any other debris) are removed. Use the finest brush you have and the white paint to paint the letters. I also used the white paint and the 5/0 brush to detail around the lenses (where chrome used to be), and the two strips towards the bottom of the assembly (another previously chromed spot). However, detail what you want, where you want, and in whatever colors you want. Set aside the labels and cluster shell to dry.

If your gauges have faded areas, then get out the red paint and the 10/0 brush. Very, very carefully go over the previously red (now dull pinkish orange) areas with the brush. If you mess up or go outside the lines, you can use a toothpick for small areas, or some polish (Turtle Wax works) for larger messups. Now, using the flourescent red (or orange) paint, touch up the needles of your gauges (even if it looks like they don't need it, do it anyway--makes a big difference). Try not to apply too many coats because the added weight on the needle from the paint can throw your gauges out of calibration.

Perform any other paint touchup/detailing that you wish.

Set the gauges aside to dry.
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