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Need help finding a window motor gear

On my ‘88 Grand Wagoneer, the rear drivers side window motor gear (white plastic circle inside of window motor) needs to be replaced.

The motor works fine and the flex track is fully intact but my motor gear is split in half and broken. See pics below.

Where can I obtain a new window motor gear?

I searched part number on it but haven’t been able to find an exact match. It looks like Dorman and Cardone both make plastic window motor gears, but I can’t find anything so far that matches the part number or that looks the same.

I need part: 747-411 881 16050 which is what it says on my window gear that is broken.

I purchased one anyway and tried to make it work, it fit within the motor but it would not fit underneath the metal covering that mounts to the door frame and covers the gear when it is placed within the motor

Thank you in advance for any tips!

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