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Need help big time.
When I bought my 1991 GW last year I had issues with the overhead console and am just getting around to dealing with it.
From the start the rear lights in the console worked, the front ones didn't. The temp and compass worked.
This past winter the temp and compass quit working, the rear lights continued to work after this.
OK here we are today I took the overhead console out, had a heck of a time getting to the bulbs in the front but finally got to them and will be replacing them.
Does anyone know of or have the wiring diagram for the console?
I've got power going in to it but have no idea which wire is which, want to make sure that everything is OK before I put it all back together. There is a plug in the front of the console that has various colored wires running into it. Some of them have poswer with the switch on, some don't.
Anybody out there that can give me some information about this?

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