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First engine removal...

I did all that work to get the 1 tons under the Chief, and now I have decided to swap them under my newly aquired 75 Chief..

I want to keep the T-18 also, so I decide to pull the engine/tranny/case all together..

It took me just over 5 hours from start to finish. I can probably shave of about 2 hours if I ever do it again the same way... My learning curve was a bit slow at times..

Here is what came off first..

Striped down..

The shifter on the tranny made it impossible to get the combo out with the short chain that came with my hoist. I had to use another chain to gain a few extra inches. It didnt fit that good, but it was secure..

Here is how it sits now...

Anyone need a motor? Its in the sale section...

AND.. It turns out, my new trailer makes a heck of a work table..

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