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Very true! 100% spot on. But you have them sitting there and port matching is almost free. here's my post where I did mine. Look how "off" they were.

Other updates? Well, you would need studs and rockers (obviously). I used ARP 1007101 studs and bought Harland Sharpe roller rockers 1.6:1 S4004-7 because I prefer to overbuild in case I ever want to upgrade later.

All that said, if I ever do an AMC V8 again, I will do this:
if you are not familiar with jcisworthy, he is really active over on theamcforum and has a shop/builds AMC V8s for a living. He has done AMAZING things with iron AMC heads. IMHO his word on AMC V8s holds the second most weight of anyone I have ever read on any forum (second only to SC/397). A lot of work for a little savings and little trade off, but again, when you are not in a hurry and the parts are just sitting there, its worth a try. You will not be able to swap bridged rockers on those heads but that is just fine. Traditional rockers are marginally better anyway

In one of the pictures it looks like it might have Viton seals instead of umbrellas seals. That a great upgrade too! I think I paid $80 to have my heads machined for viton seals and then I think the seals were about $8/each (in 2018'ish)? supposedly they last MUCH longer and when they fail, they do not send bits of rubber throughout the engine.
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