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It's now a few days into my official vacation. As i said my plan was to touch up paint on the truck but Covid and Mrs Cranky had other ideas. Somehow those ideas became a need for a new shed/tiny home for our son who is legally blind and has neurological issues that have gotten bad enough that he can no longer live on his own.

This has been in the works for a while but everything fell into place this week and we found ourselves on a very tight schedule. I had planned on just paying a shed company to come out and build one but when it came down to it they wouldn't build exactly what we wanted, somewhere something had to be sacrificed, like wall height, or floor joist or roof trusses not being what we wanted or spaced how we want them and dozens of other things that they were unwilling to change it to meet our needs. This left us with one course of action, to do it ourselves...well kind of.

Monday evening Mrs Cranky found a framer who wasn't too busy and said he could be out to assemble the shed Friday. This left us in a bit of a bind because even though I've known about it for some time I had not yet torn down the existing shed or even emptied it...yes I know, I'm a master procrastinator but there were some very good reasons I hadn't done it yet. #1 being I hadn't gotten the garage cleaned and #2 being I don't like the neighbor behind my house. They have a 2 story house with a deck that if there is no shed has an unobstructed view of my yard and I hate that, which is actually the reason I built the shed in the first place.

So now it was time to get in gear or else. We also hadn't ordered any of the materials to build the shed so the first order of business was to do that. We do have plans for it, real custom plans drawn up by a real architect that we had drawn up so we had an idea of what materials are needed but nothing had been ordered. So Mrs Cranky jumped on the computer and started working on getting the materials ordered and bright and early Tuesday we set about cleaning out and tearing down the shed and prepping for the new one.

The fastest thing to do would have been to take the sawzall and wrecking bar to it and just haul everything to the dump but of course I can't bring myself to do that. Not only is it extremely expensive, it's also wasteful when I can salvage many of the materials used in the existing shed and repurpose them. I had assembled the shed with screws so I set about disassembling it and saving what I could.

Then as it turned out the materials order was on shaky ground. Mrs Cranky was hoping to have everything delivered to make it fast and easy but the big box stores said they couldn't do it by Thursday So Mrs Cranky came up with plan B which was order the stuff from Home Depot and rent a truck from them and haul it home but they said it would take at least 5 trips with the truck costing $30 an hour plus gas and a whole lot of time. So on to plan C and the reason all of this is winding up in this thread, I said "Why are we renting a truck if we already have one?"

I'll admit I baby the truck but Mrs Cranky doesn't like it to be used for truck stuff at all, which is crazy but she worries about damage but she agreed. We also determined that even though Lowe's was more money it is closer so less gas, less time and less stress on the truck. So she made an order from Lowe's. She got most of it set up for delivery Friday well after the framer starts but we had to get enough to get them started in the mean time. So she ordered the basics and yesterday around 4 PM we headed over to pick them up only to find they hadn't gotten it prepped because they were out of the pressure treated 2x6x10s that their inventory showed they had 400 of and rather than email or call us to inform us they just didn't do anything and waited until we were there to pick it up to inform us. So Mrs Cranky said "Ok use 2x6x12s" but they were very confused about that and while trying to figure that out I went back there and asked about the big pile of different pressure treated 2x6x10s they had sitting there and it turned out they had plenty, they were just slightly different.

So, 2 hrs later we rolled out of there with 33 2x6x12s, a crap load of concrete blocks and various other things and Mrs Cranky told them "We'll be back for the 2x4s as soon as we get this unloaded."

We went home unloaded and headed back, it was now 7:30pm and there were other issues but we pulled up and they started loading the 2x4s...and then they kept loading...and loading...and loading. By the time they were finished it was well past 8 and I had 140 2x4 studs and 6 pressure treated 2x4x12s and I think my axle may have been bottomed out but I headed home and the truck handled it like a champ

I am concerned though, My owners manual says if I exceed the 5000 lbs gross weight it could void the warranty and I think I may have exceeded it slightly
'72 J4500

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