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Yes you can install one on throttle linkage. I have Fitech injection and they have patch cables avaliable to operate 4L80 trans as so do Sniper and other throttle body injections do. Most are looking into getting able to do the 6L80 trans but not made jump yet. To use NP208 transfer must install 32 spline input gear to match trans output spline. There are 3 different output shafts on the 6L80 trans, a 2wd slip yoke, a 4wd shaft out of truck and a fixed yoke 2wd. I used the 2wd fixed yoke that requires some modification to shaft and install 2 small plugs in rear case to seal trans fluid from tail housing and a shaft seal that Advance Adapters has a kit to do. One thing that can be done also with the trans controller is a kit to do paddle shifter on steering wheel which I am thinking of doing.
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