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I've been waiting for nice weather to do some paint touch up on the truck. Basically I need to repaint the entire lower half of the left bed side and the cab roof where I got the paint a little thin when I originally painted it but there are also some rock chips and things like that that need addressed.

I had planned on doing this when I had a week off last April but the weather didn't cooperate so I adjusted my goal to the week of July 18-28th which I had managed to get off somehow this year. My plan was to start accumulating the supplies I need this week than jump on it Tuesday and hopefully get it al finished up Wednesday or Thursday but you know that old saying abut the best laid plans... work week this year is Wednesday through Sunday so as usual Wednesday being My Monday I went to work. No big issues and failed to pick up the stuff I need to do the paint touch up. Then Thursday I woke up with a sore throat which I thought wasn't a big deal but my work provides covid tests so when I got to work I asked the manager for one and sure enough I tested positive for Covid...again So I immediately informed my boss and covid protocols went into place. I was sent home for the next 4 days.

Today both my wife and I feel kind of crappy, her a bit worse than me. Basically I have what I would think was a cold if it weren't for the positive test.

It's kind of sucking my energy away but I think I'm going to try to get things set up and start prepping the truck for the touchup.
'72 J4500
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