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Originally Posted by SOLSAKS
10-4 cranky I understand,......hope you smooth out all issues with the F.I.
so you can unplug that screen and go back to 1972 !!!!! wouldn't that be nice compared to 2022 ???

take care

It will always be 1972 in my truck but there are some things from '72 that I can do without, like points ignition. I've never liked points, my first truck would eat up a set of points every week before I changed it for HEI. I don't mind a carb if I can get it to run correctly but when I'm in a situation where I need to hit the gas and go it's a little nerve wracking when the truck decides to take it's time and hesitates for a second. That is the biggest improvement with the FI, when I need it to go it doesn't stop and think about first.

The screen is no big deal, I can unplug the screen any time with no issues and just plug it back in for troubleshooting if there is a problem, or even turn the holder around and keep it inside the glove box.
'72 J4500
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