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here is a pict, not mine,

I have a similar one on the 85, and yes it was dripping 20 years ago... I was told to smack it with a punch and it would dislodge... nahhhh, did not happened...

I poured some coolant leak repair powder... and yes, the coolant temp was a bit higher, I drove it for about a month, then drained a bit of coolant, may be a few quarts... temp was still a bit high and drained another few quarts... and the leak never came back...

Of course in 20 years I replaced the water pump, drained the coolant a few times... still leak free
74 wag, 349Kmiles on original ticker/trany, except for the rust. Will it make it to the next get together without a rebuilt? Status: needs a new body.
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See Ouray 2013, Engine bits and Fuel and brake lines, and Body work
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