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Low voltage in drive

Hey guys. On my 1991 JGW I finally got my power seats, rear defroster, and rear key switch fixed. It was a fusible link, however here is my new problem. While running in park the voltage gauge reads around 14.5-14.7. As soon as I put it in drive (not moving) the needle drops down to around the low 13 or below 13. Put it back in park it jumps right back up. While I'm driving it is around high 13 to low 14 but as soon as I come to a stop sign or red light it drops right back down. My battery is new and I had my alternator checked last night at O'reillys and it checked good. This all started last week after replacing the fusible links. I know they are good because all of the devices are still working with no problems. Is there anything that I still need to check or do? I'm at a loss. Thanks
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