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J20 project 08-31-2021 09:43 AM

Drivelines, not really a for sale add.
To all, Some of you know me...some don't. If you look at my join date you might see I have been around a while. While some have you used my services, I just wanted to carry on some tradition and hopefully business for someone.

I have been BP Drivetrain for about 6 yrs, working in Nevada and finally reached retirement age. woohoo...
That being said, I have sold out my business here to a young man named Erich. He IS an FSJ owner.....

His phone is 775 513 9012, running Blue Collar Drivetrain, and currently stocks spicer parts, 1.25 in tubing and associated parts for an FSJ.
Please give him some consideration for your driveshaft needs.

Bud Pauli
J20 Project since 2000.....

oregonphil 08-31-2021 12:29 PM

Bud, that's great news for you. Maybe some of us will be able to use his services.
But don't go away! Your expertise & knowledge can still be helpful here! You might even learn something yourself.
After I retired a few years ago I found I had more time for this and messin' with my cars.
Either way, enjoy your time now.

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