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Cliff 01-20-2021 12:06 PM

Fabricating a Factory Bumper for a Winch
I have a 77 Cherokee with the 3-piece bumper. The end pieces are nice but the center has a few dents, hammered back by the PO to keep it aligned. I am thinking of having a new center section fabricated and incorporating a winch holder (either a flat mount or 2" hitch receiver). I would paint the center black and the leave the ends chromed.

Have any of you done anything similar? I would like to see photos if you have.

Heep-J4000 01-21-2021 04:55 AM

They stick out to far if you ask me!
I like the idea with the original bumper side pieces but more tuked inn.

threepiece 01-21-2021 10:38 AM

I made a complete three piece bumper with an integrated winch mount. I tried to style it to some degree after the original. The header panel is recessed so the Ramsey PTO winch is attached to the front crossmember. I also made a three piece rear bumper to match with D-rings and pintle hitch. This bumper is where I derived my screen name as it (and the associated tooling) is one of the most extensive projects I have ever done.

You can see a picture on page 2 of the build thread in my signature below.

Edit: another picture on page 3

Cliff 01-21-2021 12:05 PM

Thanks for the links to the threads - just what I needed to see.

My idea would have the winch projecting forward (in a hitch receiver) of the bumper ends which would be mounted in stock location. The winch would only be installed for wheeling trips.

Is this setup I am imagining strong enough to support a winch in use? With 4 bolts holding the entire bumper to the frame, will I need to strengthen the mounting?

Heep-J4000 01-21-2021 05:04 PM

Something like this they use at 8.00 minutes

That would be doable but you have to bolt it to the front of the frame!
Not the stock bumper brackets.

threepiece 01-22-2021 06:24 AM


Originally Posted by Cliff

Is this setup I am imagining strong enough to support a winch in use? With 4 bolts holding the entire bumper to the frame, will I need to strengthen the mounting?

Yes, I think so but you will need an additional crossmember in front of the original one. The new X member can connect to side plates bolted to the frame rails using the four nuts intended for the original bumper.

There is another hole along the same path in the frame rails where a third nut/bolt could be placed. This nut could be welded to a plate to provide a means for anti-rotation and the assembly could be fished through a larger hole next to it.

I have been studying this area recently for a new bumper I plan to make. As I recall I decided that one of the steering gear mounting bolts would need a clearance hole so it could be accessed without removing the new bracket.

I was not planning a winch so my frame brackets were to be flat plate. If I were to use a winch I would consider using channel for the frame brackets. This will stiffen the structure and may be needed when pulling at angles. On the other hand flat plate may be better as it might give way on a heavy side pull preventing damage to your frame.

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