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SJTD 08-10-2022 04:13 PM

Need Pic Of Behind The Dash
Anyone have one or can point to one? Putting the dash back in and have a rod about 5" long with a 1/2" hole on one end and two captive nuts on the other I can't seem to figger out where it goes.


Heep-J4000 08-11-2022 03:00 PM

Isn't that going on the topside of the bracket from the pedals!?
It's supporting that bracket onto the firewall

SJTD 08-11-2022 03:29 PM

Thanks but no. There are two rods that go from the dash up to the firewall. This one seems to mount under the left rod at the lower end where it meets the dash and heads over to the left. Got some answers on the other site that support the theory that it's unused on mine so I'm leaving it off.

Thanks again.

devildog80 08-11-2022 04:54 PM

Possible it attaches to the park brake base for added support from the side kick panel mount to the firewall?
Or is it too short to reach?
I looked through the TSM for '82 Wagoneer, but shows nothing under the dash.

As you were.....found your thread on other site, and you have it figured out :)

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