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mwood65 07-27-2022 10:04 PM

Happy & sad day?
Well I finally decided to sell My Cherokee, The guy wired me the down payment and will have a truck here Sat to load it up and haul it to Michigan.

The Suburban is easier for me to drive being an automatic trans and more so has power brakes.

Couldn't see what the Jeep would do for me the Suburban won't do and probably better so I can't justify keeping both.

Talked with some nice people on here and want to thank you all for the help over the last many years.

devildog80 07-28-2022 10:01 AM

Sad to hear you are selling, but does not mean you are not needed here, as those of us still working (or just starting) our projects will need your experience and expertise.

Please stay active, and keep us rookies rolling!

I am building mine to use for camping, and go through Payson on most trips, heading up to the Rim around Happy Jack.

Have to swing by some day and say hello......months from now when road worthy :)

rang-a-stang 08-02-2022 12:09 PM

We'll miss you too, Mike! You've had some ups and downs and hopefully this is an up for you. Did you tell the buyer that your truck comes with mandatory usage?

Of course you are welcome to continue logging in and poking around. I am not in a possession of a FSJ right now, either and I still enjoy logging in. I even get quality XJ advice here!

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