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devildog80 06-09-2022 12:43 PM

360 OEM Heads complete
Set of complete OEM 360 heads

Came with my 1984 Grand Wagoneer in a tub with other extra parts.

PO pulled the OEM 360 and truck has a 401 now.

Pics to follow this weekend

If interested, PM me


devildog80 06-11-2022 08:16 PM

Looked at these heads, and found they have been reworked, so.........should I hang onto them, just in case? YES

I have not fired up the 401 yet, as we have been chasing electric gremlins for a few weekends, but I do have all the receipts for the rebuild on the 401. Should be good to go, but want to be sure before moving these, unless someone needs them now.

PM me, if you need these sooner than I should.

My bad for not looking at these before pricing them, so will honor the price for the set @ $0 (7-29-22 DECIDED TO KEEP THESE - NOT FOR SALE)


3216090 CHRYSLER 5.9 No Model N 360 V 8 83-88

20220611_104028 by Scott Weckerly, on Flickr

20220611_104035 by Scott Weckerly, on Flickr

20220611_104250 by Scott Weckerly, on Flickr

20220611_104257 by Scott Weckerly, on Flickr

20220611_104311 by Scott Weckerly, on Flickr

20220611_104345 by Scott Weckerly, on Flickr

devildog80 06-28-2022 09:26 AM


devildog80 07-19-2022 02:34 PM

Sale fell through

Still available :)

babywag 07-19-2022 09:58 PM

if they're fresh I'd keep them @least until know 401 runs.
those are early non bridged rocker heads

devildog80 07-20-2022 12:33 PM

How do they stack up on good/bad list?

What I can see, they are a common part, and good for general OEM build?

Still learning the Jeep/Chrysler parts :)

babywag 07-21-2022 12:21 PM

better than later year bridged rocker heads imho

devildog80 07-21-2022 12:52 PM

Thanks....and thought about keeping them, until I get the truck on the road, then see if needed or store them........oh wait, under the bed?

Heard that is a good place to put stuff you want to keep around :)

rang-a-stang 07-28-2022 06:23 PM

pretty sure those are the same heads I had. they are true 58CC heads. I spent a couple hours port matching them. the exhuast ports were terrible but intake was pretty easy.

devildog80 07-28-2022 07:21 PM

But as designed with stock exhaust, and using it for 99% sane driving, they should be good if needed on my 401?

Any downsides, or if needed, what should I modify (if any) before installing them to make them better than OEM spec?

rang-a-stang 07-29-2022 10:13 AM

Very true! 100% spot on. But you have them sitting there and port matching is almost free. here's my post where I did mine. Look how "off" they were.

Other updates? Well, you would need studs and rockers (obviously). I used ARP 1007101 studs and bought Harland Sharpe roller rockers 1.6:1 S4004-7 because I prefer to overbuild in case I ever want to upgrade later.

All that said, if I ever do an AMC V8 again, I will do this:
if you are not familiar with jcisworthy, he is really active over on theamcforum and has a shop/builds AMC V8s for a living. He has done AMAZING things with iron AMC heads. IMHO his word on AMC V8s holds the second most weight of anyone I have ever read on any forum (second only to SC/397). A lot of work for a little savings and little trade off, but again, when you are not in a hurry and the parts are just sitting there, its worth a try. You will not be able to swap bridged rockers on those heads but that is just fine. Traditional rockers are marginally better anyway

In one of the pictures it looks like it might have Viton seals instead of umbrellas seals. That a great upgrade too! I think I paid $80 to have my heads machined for viton seals and then I think the seals were about $8/each (in 2018'ish)? supposedly they last MUCH longer and when they fail, they do not send bits of rubber throughout the engine.

rang-a-stang 07-29-2022 10:17 AM

Oh, one other thought, I felt like some of the edges in the combustion chamber were really jagged and sharp. I wish I would have taken a flap disc or dremel and softened them up a tiny bit. I had 9.55:1 and I pinged a tiny bit on 87 octane and I think is was because of those sharp edges. The reason I passed on doing mine was because I did not have a way to measure the chamber volume and was scared I was going to mess it up. If I was in your shoes, I would borrow or buy a combustion chamber measuring tool and just, very subtly, round off the super sharp edges in the chamber.

rang-a-stang 07-29-2022 10:20 AM

Your manifolds are pretty good from the factory, too but port match them as well, while they are off.

devildog80 07-29-2022 10:24 AM


Will look at all this info, and then see how the engine runs when it gets running.

Still looking for the head refurbish paperwork, to see what might have been done, as I do not know enough just looking at them as others like you can do.

They are still in the tub in the back of the truck, so have not turned them over yet to see what the actual valve face looks like.

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