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jeepguzzi 01-23-2022 01:29 AM

Fuel Pickup
I was not getting fuel to the engine bay, so I dropped the tank. I had installed one made by MTS more than 25 years ago. The pickup tube has a 45 degree bend in it, but the replacement ones look like they are straight. Also, the sock is missing from the end. Are the socks made of metal? Will the straight replacement ones work with my plastic tank?

inkedmonkey 01-23-2022 11:06 AM

Here's the one I used in mine.
I think I had to bend the tube just a little to get it to fit? The sock is made of a plastic stuff.

letank 01-23-2022 11:48 AM

I have been sockless for over 15years on both the 74 and the 85.

Yes you can bend the pick up tube at a 30 to 45 degrees angle with a tube bender, then add a fuel hose extension that will be resting above the bottom of the tank to avoid sucking bottom dirt.

Then add an external fuel filter at a convenient location, before the fuel pump... I have mine above the rear axle, not the best, but away from engine heat, and used a clear plastic so I can see what is being collected. I replaced it yesterday after 10 years... on the 85

with a 79 it is even easier to put it along the frame rail, cut the fuel line et voila, here is the 74 with the fuel filter before the fuel pump

jeepguzzi 01-27-2022 05:16 AM

I have to get the old one out the rest of the way and see if it is clogged, and if I can clean it. I found that I can purchase the sock by itself. Since I have the tank almost all the way out, I might as well see if there is debris or sludge in it anyway. Good idea with the inline filter. I did the same thing on my motorcycle a long time ago.

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