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rang-a-stang 01-16-2022 11:20 PM

Door open, light switch, 79
I just broke one of these. They are the same left to right, it has one wire terminal on the back. Anyone got one of these laying around? Not sure what years they are on but mine is a 79...

80Limited 01-17-2022 08:07 AM

Door jamb switch
I have a handful from various years and they all look the same.
Let me know if you haven’t found one.

rang-a-stang 01-17-2022 03:59 PM

Swizeet! PM sent.

inkedmonkey 01-20-2022 03:06 PM

I'm going to jump in too Rang, I'm needing a couple of those switches for my 77.

Tripwire 01-20-2022 05:42 PM

you can still buy them, they look longer but the metal tube can be compressed into the nut a bit at a time with a wooden block between the switch and the door, just work in baby steps till you get to the point that the last compression is done without the block:thumbsup:

rang-a-stang 01-26-2022 12:14 PM

I got one from Mr. 80Limited. :thumbsup:

inkedmonkey 01-28-2022 02:53 PM

I got two! Installed them the day they came in the mail. Thanks again

80Limited 01-28-2022 05:13 PM

No problem friends.

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