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    I think that it super cool! Paint that hood satin black, put a windsheild in it and call the body work done! The wheels and stickers look great!
    79 Cherokee Chief (SOLD, goodbye old buddy)
    (Cherokee Build Thread)
    11 Nissan Pathfinder Silver Edition 4x4
    09 Mazdaspeed3 Grand Touring
    00 Baby Cherokee


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      I am not a gear head, but I do love Waggy's, and even anything AMC. Everyone down here wants to pull the 360 and put a Chevy 350 in. Ummm, no. Thats not what came in it.

      Also, pulled up to a yard sale and the guy had a Javelin and he was selling it as well. $14,000
      1st) '74 Wagoneer tan, caught fire several times, swapped to hub lockers, fixed transfer case
      2nd) '86 blue Grand Wagoneer, started a lift, got divorced tried to keep her around but had to sell her in the end. {the Wagon not the Ex, I wish)
      3rd through 5th) parts waggys
      Present) '87 Grand Wagoneer, blue all original. and no rust!


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        Well I have the engine built for the Golden Slime Green Hornet.
        97. SC397: 360 bored and stroked to 397cid.
        Stock 360 crank off-set ground to 3.66" stroke with 1.85" journal.
        BJH Vibration Damper and 258 Flywheel. Crank was internal balanced. 3/4"x 1.175" Heavy Metal.
        NASCAR PANKL 6.200" CONNECTING RODS 1.850"-.855"
        4.155" Bore, Racetech Pistons flat top with 6cc valve reliefs.
        Compression ratio is 12.5:1
        Edelbrock heads with Isky Springs
        7/16" 1.6 Harland Sharp roller rockers
        Edelbrock EFI intake and kit to be tuned for E85 fuel.

        IMG_6329 by Rick Jones, on Flickr

        Click on this one to hear it run.
        IMG_6331 by Rick Jones, on Flickr

        If it lives through the dyno session I will post up mor pictures.
        The Squeaky Wheel gets replaced in my world