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360 budget build with 343 kit causing knock

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    Feedback and new questions on cyl head

    Hi All,

    sorry for my very late reply. I have indeed found a good setup now. Can't hear any knock anymore.
    I bought new plugs that were 2 steps colder than the ones I used previously. Bosch WR7DC.
    Also, I put weaker springs in the distributor and a bigger lock-out ring.
    Ignition on 14deg. and manifold vac.
    Did the trick.

    Rick, I did measure the chambers with the tools I had, which was a syringe, but no glass plate to put on top. I must admit thatI could not find a lot of difference, but I put that on my poor tools.

    Anyway, valve noise is still there for a bit. Did not get the heads done.

    While we are at that, I am thinking to pull the heads this winter for an overhaul.

    I just want to get new valves in, get the seats refaced, maybe get new guides in, new springs, etc.

    As I will be needing new rockers, what would be your choice? Roller? I dont beleive there are any out there that would be plug and play, right? Anyone know a good set to buy on the net? Or better to stick to stock as its not worth the extra money?

    I did read a lot of posts on this topic, but still could not find the best package for the value...



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      Maybe try this?
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      (Cherokee Build Thread)
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        Yeah, seen this thread and very interesting. But don't know if the flat top 343 pistons will kiss the valves at 1.7 ratio? Plus I have this cam:
        204/214 at 050, 280/289 adv. duration, 449/473 lift, 110 centerline

        (Comp would consider this a 264H cam)


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          Installing the timing chain and gears dot to dot means nothing. The only way to know if your cam timing is where you want it is by checking it with a degree wheel.

          If your engine does not ping cold, maybe try a cooler thermostat if your radiator will maintain a cooler temp.

          Try running the engine without the vacuum advance and see if that helps. There is nothing that says you have to use vacuum advance