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Water/methanol injection q's

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  • Water/methanol injection q's

    Searched the site and some sub forums individually and nothing. "sorry, no matches" is what comes back

    So, Anyone running water or water/meth injection on their vehicles?

    Going to try some mods and this one came back to memory and wanted some GOOD info. As to pumps/size nozzles or injectors and stuff like that.

    I figured that a 10-12gal tank under by the frame wouldn't matter that much in weight and wouldn't run out for a few hundred miles.


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    I only run one one my diesel truck to keep egt's down below 1200. I guess on a gasser it would be progressive with vacuum instead of boost on a diesel. I also only use water as 6.5's don't like methanol(light duty design at best). Did you check snow performance site. I'm pretty sure there is a section for gassers. There is one other company, but can't think of name.
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      I saw someone set up a water injection system using those breather stones from a fish tank, a couple of mason jars, and a vacuum from the carburetor. He swore by it.


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        Thanks "HOOKED".. I've seen some of their stuff but MAN! EXPEN$IVE!!
        Back in the late 70's early 80's my brother got his hands on a '76 Maveric with a 302/c4. I remember he did paint, tranny in his High School shop class through the last 3yrs, and some other work in addition to a water/meth injection set up.
        NOW, you gotta remember this is back in the early 80s.. It felt like it was a small turbo or Honda guys would call it V-tec kicking in. VERY noticeable kick in the pants..
        AND, the plugs were ALWAYS clean, Steamed clean.

        It's soo long ago that he doesn't remember all that much of ratios and such. That's why I'm asking you guys. My brothers' was linkage activated and would empty the 1gal tank quickly.

        So, im looking for real-time experience and even numbers if noted.
        I'm going to get back on Youtube and see.