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Ford Bronco springs under FSJ???

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  • Ford Bronco springs under FSJ???

    I've been thinking about using Ford bronco springs if they can match up to the tabs on the body. But if minor modifications can be made to make them fit, then I will go for it.

    I think stock, the Bronco sits 2~3 inches higher than the FSJ, and with 31-32 inch tires can make it an excellent trail rig.
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    Broncos have coils up front. Just sayin...

    The reason I hate f.o.r.d.s to this day is because of my '74 Bronco nickel and dime vacuum.
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      Hi, Corey,

      Ford Bronco springs (1980-96) are 56 inches long as opposed to the FSJ 57" long spring. Also, Bronco springs are 3" wide, whereas the FSJ springs are 2-1/2" wide. Also, Bronco bushings are 3-1/2" wide as opposed to FSJ bushings which are 2-15/16" on the anchor bushing and 2-11/16" on the shackle bushing. You could make them fit with some work, but, if it were that easy to swap springs between different makes of vehicles, we wouldn't have to make FSJ springs.

      I'm referring to the rear springs, of course. Casey is right, the Broncos have coils up front. I have a 1986.

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        Whats up Corey? Hope the 258 is coming along good for ya.

        As far as swapping out springs you are going to need to do a bit of fab work to make it happen. There are a bunch of guys that have used suburb@n springs and really like the results they got. Try the search feature and you should find a good number of spring swap threads and find something you'll like.

        Good hunting bro!
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