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Rear springs on a bobtailed J10...Waggy fronts?

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  • Rear springs on a bobtailed J10...Waggy fronts?

    I have decided to leave the stock drivetrain in the J10 untill it break it. Now, the bed is off, and I am doing a soa on the front. I would like to chop a little more off the back and was wondering if front waggy springs would work under a lightweight flatbed that will just go to the end of the rear springs. It looks like that would shave off 4 inches or so.

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    some ford f-150 rear springs are 57" and are offset so you could decrease departure angle

    I think the waggy's would work.. might be a bit stiff unless you remove a leaf.. but I'm not sure..

    if you want to go all out.. consider a 3 or 4 link rear with coils or 1/4 elliptical springs for excellent departure angle..

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      I was looking at how easy it would be to coil it, but then I wouldnt be happy till I did the front.

      I just wanna get it going with the parts I have laying around and then build from there.
      Cary<br />The bald guy<br />65 Waggy and lots of other projects waiting in the wings


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        yea, f150 springs, or 4x4 ranger springs would be what I would do (wait, that's what I did do )


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          I cut around 26" off of my Wag frame. 2 x 4 box fits nicely in the C-channel frame, so I built a sub-frame with that. Basically two chunks to sleeve into the stock frame, then a stout cross member. Then I drilled through the 2 x 4 frame extensions with a 1 3/4" hole saw so it would accept M.O.R.E. bushings for my rear shackles. Used front Wag springs in the rear.

          The net was 20" off the frame. Another 6"+ or so because the rear of the body was bobbed.
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