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swaybars and coilovers questions

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  • swaybars and coilovers questions

    I'm beginning my research in linking my 77 j10 (frame and body) with 83 j20 axles. I'm trying to determine if Ori struts are the way I want to do with packaging (at the cost of a huge wait). or If I should go Coil Overs. I think cost wise they are near identical minus one thing- Sway bar.

    I'm curious as to if anyone here has ran the factory FSJ style sway bar with coil overs, or found another oem factory set up. Wha tAntirock options I saw were hundreds of dollars and enough to kind of deter the coil over argument when you don't need a sway bar on Ori's.

    Mainly daily driven, I plan on several 1000 mile road trips. Most off road will be things like blackbear and imogene pass.

    unless someone can talk me out of it, I won't be going reservoirs.

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't have much value to add because my suspension was leafs all the way around all the time. I am sure you are plenty aware the 77 front axle is passenger drop and the 83 is driver drop so you either need to swap cases or re-tube the axle.

    IMHO, I always thought the factory front sway bar was way to tiny to deal with the body of my Cherk. I did not notice much difference when I unhooked it. I think there may be better aftermarket options out there.
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