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    I've been a long time J10 owner, my current '84 was purchased by my father new and then went to me when I turned 16. 30+ years later I'm still driving it.

    It was fully restored about 20 years ago and now I am going through the process of fixing all the small details that were left out during the first restoration. Stuff like finding an OEM cigarette lighter and other minor details no one but a J10 owner would notice. I'm sure I will have lots of questions for the experts...

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    Gorgeous truck!!! Gees! We may be asking YOU question! 30+ years of ownership?!?! Glad you are here!
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      Looks good!
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        I've got a red 78 I'm getting back on the road. I got lucky I found a guy on line who had a rusty 79 that I was able to get parts off of. Ebay was also a big help, scored an OEM am/fm/CB and found a guy local who could fix it.
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          looks amazing sir!!!! hello from a former North Carolina resident. Lived there my first 18 years of life. Joined the army and moved to Oregon.
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