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Temp. Issues for a new owner.

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  • Temp. Issues for a new owner.

    Hi guys this is my first post here and I hope someone can give me a little help. I just got my first jeep, an 86 GrandWagoneer with the 360. I have already replaced the engine with a runner that a friend had. The only issue that I have left is my temp. The heat risses and then drops, stays at normal (195) temp until I idol for a while or start crawling through a trail. I have been told that it could be the radiator?? I was thinking water pump, the therm. is brand new. Well there it is if you can make any sense out of this I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

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    EDIT: Forgot - Welcome to the best Jeep site on the planet!

    Simple things first. Fan clutch functional, hoses in good condition (a collapsing hose can be a problem), does the lower radiator hose have the spring inside (keeps the lower hose from collapsing due to suction), proper coolant mixture, fan shroud in place? Belts in good shape and properly tensioned?

    Does the coolant level stay constant (are you losing any)? At the bottom of the water pump is a weep hole - if the pump is on the way out many times you'll start seeing coolant leaking out of this hole - that's what it's there for. Gives you a bit of warning before it goes for good.
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      Hi, After you check all the simple things mentioned in the previous post. Make sure the choke wire is hooked up and the choke opens all the way. My 89wag got an electrical gremlin with no power to choke and would overheat at idle. Good luck with your GW
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        How hot are you talking here? A lot of people get the larger aluminum radiators but 195 and then going up from there sounds like a problem somewhere, probably not getting good flow. Luckily cooling problems are the easiest and least expensive problems to fix...except a new rad can be spendy...the forementioned covers every possible problem, so if none of that, then you need a better radiator. Some guys are going to electric fans too


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          See my sig link for cooling information. An aluminum radiator and a Severe Duty fan clutch is your ticket.
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