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E-brake cables = suspension limiting straps

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  • E-brake cables = suspension limiting straps

    I am three-fourths the way through a suspension lift. I am anticipating trouble with the last corner as the emergency brake cable is limiting the movement of the rear axle - in order to finish the passenger side I had to put a ratcheting tie-down around the end of the axle and the bumper and pull the two together. The driver side has much less slack than the passenger side - so my question is- does one find longer cables or can one adjust (loosen) the emergency brake and move those cable mounts on the frame rails (or fabricate new ones) back towards the rear axle to create some slack? Right now my passengeer side is pulled so tight I fear bad things.
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    How much lift are you putting on? That will help determine what you will have to do.. You might be able to use J-10 cables if you have a Chero or Wag; or you will have to remove the tabs and then reweld them on the frame farther towards the back.

    This will require you to remove the gas tank.

    Good luck!
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