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No brake lights! HELP!!!!!!

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  • No brake lights! HELP!!!!!!

    Ok so I posted on here the other day about this dilemna I'm having so my apologies for the repost but since then I have done numerous things that I'm hoping someone can follow my steps and see if theres something I overlooked. Here it goes.....

    I noticed the other day I had no turn signals so I started checking all the fuses under the dash only to find that the 15a fuse for the turn signals was blown. So I replaced that....prob solved. Then i found a 20a tailight hazzard fuse also blown. I tried the hazzards and all they do is light up on the dash and stay flash. So I turn off the lights after parking my truck, get out and notice in the neigbors window the tailights are still on . I fiddle around underneath checking the other fuses and nothing caught my eye so I pulled the fuse for the hazzards and out the lights go.

    Next day at work I grab a new stoplight switch, hazzard relay, new 1156/1157 bulbs, headlight switch. I start with replacing the bulbs, hazzard relay, disconnect the stoplight switch and check everything and same symptoms. I call a mechanic friend that knows these things and he seems to think it's the headlamp switch so I replace that. Now I've gone and replaced all the obvious, all the fuses are in and everything the way it should be and I still have the lights on. Once again I pulled the fuse to shut em off. Everything works, marker lights, running lights and headlights, turnsignals work in both front and rear l/r sides but I just don't have any hazzards or brake lights.....I'm about to pull the rest of my hair out!!!

    What could I possible be missing? We've gone over everything and now I'm going to have to sit down and look over a wiring diagram I guess.

    One thing I failed to mention though is my bumper bracket cracked so I removed the rear bumper and in the process had to disconnect the liscense plate lights from the harness. Could those being disconnected have anything to do with interrupting the brake lights?

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    Possibly the hazard flasher is shorted. If you track what caused the fuses to blow, you will most likely have found the lamp problem, also.


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      Take a look at the Brake Pedal Light Switch... which I "think" you have. When you depress the brake pedal do you see a lil button kinda switch up in there? If so maybe pull it and test it and look at everything involved with that.

      Also in the past I had some issues w/ tailights on my 79 J Truck and once we redid the grounds back there all was nice and brite.

      Just a guess. I HATE Electrical!
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        Does you model have the Floor mounted Highbeam switch ?

        so you have brakelights they just stay on all the time right ?
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          mine is doing the same thing. but they are intermittent.

          i removed the hacked together PO's trailer wiring and now they don't seem to work the same.

          i have a new harness i'll be installing for trailer wiring soon to work with my 1970's era brake controller.

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            i replaced the hazzard flasher. i've replaced the brake lamp switch/stoplight switch whichever you wanna refer to it as and no i don't have the floor mounted high beam switch, it's on the multifunction switch on the column. i have a feeling it has to do with the liscense plate lights being removed as i've found they share that same circuit as the brake/tailight/hazzards.


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              so you have brakelights they just stay on all the time right ?[/quote]

              no i don't have brake lights. thats the prob i'm trying to fix. i have the running lights when i turn on the headlight switch on the dash and i have turn signals, just nothing when I step on the brakes


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                Check the tailight housing ground.
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                  uve checked all the wiring to see if ur getting pwr to ur brake lights?
                  the license plate lights should be in a parralel ckt with ur tail lights (or running lights -when on ur license plate should be on- im not lookin at a schematic - its what i would have done if i designed the that shouldn't be the problem)... with the fuses blown, u had a short or current spike (the brake switch could have been part of the problem there)...
                  Ill check a schematic when i get home... let me know if u get it figured out in the next 5 hours....
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                    Tested the brake lamp switch just to be sure and we got power to it and coming from it. Still tryingto figure out where the prob could be through a wiring diagram.


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                      Hey, any luck yet? Sorry I got side tracked... I got my schematics handy... Let me know.
                      I <3my 's !!
                      1978 Rusty Red (j10) on 37's... 6 inch rusty's lift
                      new in the family:
                      1981 Cherokee Chief... looking fwd to making this the family Jeep!... this means I get to spend some $...