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Removing Blinker on Rhino Front

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  • Removing Blinker on Rhino Front

    How do you remove the blinker housing on a rhino? I need to pull it to get to a fender bolt and have had no luck.

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    First off, welcome to the land of empty pockets and unfinished projects...

    I know on the newer razor grill lights, the lens comes off with 2 screws in the front, then theres 2 plastic spring tabs that hold the housing in.

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      I tried to remove mine and landed up prying them out. I did some slight damage to the housing. The 65 I removed them from had a steel spring clips just to the outside of the screws that hold the outer lens on. You might try going thru the grille opening and pushing the spring clip with a long screw driver. Good luck.
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        It felt as if there were some metal spring material on the sides of the light, It is a 1964. I am finding out that in '64 they did not belive in making things easy. All the bolts holding on the fender have nuts on them and they are hard to reach. After 46 years I am finding the bolts do break easy, I think that when it goes back together I am going to use stainless bolts.


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          Thanks, I removed the pie plate and stuck a screwdriver down to the housing, pushed in on the clip and pulled it out. The most amazing thing is that it is still in one piece.