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How do I remove the cowl vent cover

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  • How do I remove the cowl vent cover

    I need to remove the cowl vent grill to clean all the debris out of it. I also need to replace the windshield washer nozzle. I have removed all the screws, but can't get the grill off. What's the secret?
    CD aka "The Ole Fart"
    1974 J-10 Pioneer (project)

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    Ummmmm Got a picture?

    It has been a while since I removed mine, wre there screws under the hood seal?
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      Several screws and it pops off. IIRC, the hood has to be open to remove the screws. But it sounds like you already know that. Given your location, the cowl cover may be a bit rusted to the rest of the body. Give it a whack with a rubber mallet and see what happens.
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        The cowl is easy, wait until you mess with the e-brake and the vent flaps.
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          Yep, I just did this recently since mine was parked underneath a pine tree. Remove screws and pull forward while lifting. Like FSJ Guy said it could need some "gentle persuasion" to release it. Mine did as well. I simply had to push down on the cowl towards the windshield while pulling forward.

          My tip to you is to take a picture of how your nozzles were mounted before taking them off. I forgot to do this, removed my cowl, and then couldn't figure out how to install my new nozzles. I had to go to wagoneerworld and other sites to see how theirs were mounted.
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            If you have the single nozzle in the middle, that has a retaining nut that comes off from below, in the engine bay.

            Seemed like a good idea at the time...
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              My nozzle looks like a Tee.
              Thanks guys, I'll try to get it off today.
              CD aka "The Ole Fart"
              1974 J-10 Pioneer (project)


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                While you have it off, put some black window screen under the cowl cover.
                To keep the debris out.
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