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diff. in 85 waggie to 87 j10 front bumper??

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  • diff. in 85 waggie to 87 j10 front bumper??

    Hi folks. Have an 85 wagoneer front bumper that is not quite as wide as my 87 j10 one but in much better shape with all the bumper guards and the fog light mounts. Wondering what was different between the 2 since the grille and most other front end parts are interchangable.

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    Your Wagoneer is a N/T (narrow track) and the truck is a (W/T wide track) in a sense. The fenders are different. I could be wrong with this advice but that's my conclusion from lurking on this forum hours a day. Dominic


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      I saw some pictures of a wagoneer where it's looks as though the pcs that connect the fender to the front valence are diff. I am hoping I may be able to modify them if order to make it fit.

      Thanks Domenic


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        I know on my '77 J-20 and my '88 GW the frame width is the same. There might be a difference in the width of the actual bumper itself, and the mounting points on the bumpers changed over the years. It should swap fairly easily.

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          Well unfortunately the bumper is not wide enough to go out around the corners. Looks as though the width of the fender flares is wider on the truck and that corner is wider also.... My next step is to pull the bumper guards off the waggie one and drill new holes. Sucks though because waggie bumper is mint and my original truck bumper has a crack in the middle and I'll have to cover it w/something. Do they have FSJ license plates here???



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            Too bad it's not a 3 piece bumper, they are adjustable.
            You know it's bad when your car's on the EPA's 10 most wanted list!

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