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Bolt pattern Dana60FF Jeep J20 1978

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  • Bolt pattern Dana60FF Jeep J20 1978

    I'm new here, And I have been searching your forum but no luck. But you seem to have a lot of competent people here, so I want to ask you a question.
    Maybe its not a difficult question, but I cant find the measurement for the 7 bolt "bolt pattern" that is shown in the picture. The 7 bolts hold the "break plate" (I don't know the right word for it)
    I need this measurement for my disc break conversion, so I can make/manufacture a disc break caliper bracket. like they sell on this website: Not the first picture, but second from the top.
    The Jeep is a J20 1978, and the axle dana60FF 8bolt.
    So.. can anyone help me with this, or guide me in the right direction?
    Have a nice day.

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    There is a chance I have a blueprint at home... or somebody else does have one here I'm pretty sure.
    ***Edit, have the drawing but it does not include the bolt pattern for the axle....
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    *** I am collecting pics and info on any factory Jeep Dually trucks from the J-Series at the new Jeep Dually Registry.
    ***I can set you up with hydroboost for your brakes:


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      No one, anyone? someone must know. Or do I have to crawl under the jeep get my self dirty . I just don't like the inaccuracy when measuring on rusty bolts, It would have been nice with a bit more precision measurement when the new pieces is being machined.
      So please help


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        why not just buy or build a bracket that can be welded to the axle? i understand that a bracket like the one shown would work nicer but if you can't find one....
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          Yes, If I cant find the right measurement I will have to make one that can be welded to the axle, but my first alternative would be to bolt it.

          And thanks ELLIOT for your effort to help me .