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Does a Ford Dana 60 Axle fit?

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  • Does a Ford Dana 60 Axle fit?

    The Dana 60 in my J20 has been sour for the last four months. As best as I can tell the bearing that the drive shaft goes into is shot. I might be able to have a friend repair it, but I've noticed that unlike J20 Axles, Ford Dana 60 Axles can be found. Would a Dana 60 rear Axle from a Ford bolt up to my J20, or would it require a lot of modification? Is it the same width?
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    i have one in the rear of my jeep and it looks the same width of the front axle. The wms to wms is about 66"on the ford d60 and a full size front d44 is 65.5".
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      That's pretty close. Mt rear J20 D60FF
      is 67.25 WMS-WMS. Only about 0.6" per side

      I would try fixing your J-20 axle first though.