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Drivers side, air vent water leak...kick panel..?#?#!$!

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  • Drivers side, air vent water leak...kick panel..?#?#!$!

    Hello all, long time lurker here, I've been searching old posts for days now... Have a bad water leak that comes in through the drivers side fresh air vent, passenger side too if I turn the water on enough...looking into cleaning that sucker out, what's the best way to do this? The emergency brake is directly in the way...if I have to move it, need I remove the bolts from the firewall and the dash support?...I haven't looked inside with a mirror yet but, it has to be obstructed, just about every bit of water I can get down the cowl, comes inside through that vent.......I will be putting screen under that cowl vent after fixing this leak... Can anyone offer assistance here... ALSO, another annoyance is that my door locks, windows, power mirrors all seems to not work at the same time, on the rare occurence that they do work, it's all of them... I've seen the wiring under the carpet until the drivers seat but not there a connector there somewhere that I might find that's probably been corroded from the water leakage? Or should I just replace the door switch assembly? Love my GW even after all the pain she puts me through...1988, silver, still sportin' wood.

    Thanks in advance for ANY advice.

    1988 GW, 360, 727

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    Most likely the drain hole is plugged, yes to get the vent out the park brake must be moved. you could try flushing up from the bottom between the bottom of the fender and the cab might have to get a small tube to fit between there, the drain hole is ~ 1.5" below the bottom of the inside vent.

    Good luck

    Mike D.
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      Thanks for your reply Mike, sounds like a fun project for this weekend..
      1988 GW, 360, 727


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        I ended up taking a dremel tool and cutting a small hole through the metal so that I could get a small shop vac hose in their. I ended up pulling out 1/2 gallon of leaves from each side. Just sealed it up with a galvanized steel plate with RTV.


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          I had the same problem and ended up pulling the fender off. It only took about 20 minutes to pull and it makes it alot easier to clean out. I also made the drainage hole bigger after the fender was pulled.

          Might as well do both sides because the other one will eventually have the same problem, and like "khuang88gw" said, I got a 1/2 gallon leaves and pine needles out of it.

          Good Luck,


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            There's a good write-up on the site if you look for it. Well worth the effort. I think some of the original members put it together and it is detailed and helpful. A"classic" problem for our "classic" trucks"
            Jim C
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            Correction- it just needed a water pump!