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Edelbrock Carb tuning at 4500 ft.

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  • Edelbrock Carb tuning at 4500 ft.

    So I just bought a '79 J10 so I now have a FSJ out here in Utah. I settled for an auto, and of course it died on the way home, but that's another matter entirely.

    So, not being super familiar with Edelbrock Carbs, this one came with a 1406 and is originally from a much lower elevation in Texas and runs way rich. Anyone at altitude know which metering rods and jets I should pick up or have any other carb tuning tips? It's electric choke functions fine and it does open up at operating temps, so I know that's not the problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

    '78 Cherokee NT in GA
    '79 J10 Golden Eagle in UT

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    pull up edelbrock .com and down load the boob on the 1406 it will give you a scale to work from and the # you need
    I'm new at this but love my wagon 1989 Grand Wagoneer 202107mils going is slow but she will shine in time 360-727tran-229box mal6a mal coil/ working on rebuild new rebuilt 401cc 450hp holly 750cfm herly long tubes