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What are the symptoms of a slipping x-fer case chain?

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  • What are the symptoms of a slipping x-fer case chain?

    During normal operation my wag seems to running fine (360, 727, NP219). However, when i accelerate quickly from a dead stop (which i think equates to the highest torque on the drivetrain?) i hear a noise that i would imagine that a slipping chain would have (having never heard one i could be FOS). It is similar to a gear grind, but lower pitched and it has a "hollow" or echoing quality (i'm not sure if this echo effect is just because the noise is coming from under the truck). it is worst when i am in 4lo, but has happened in all positions. Are there other things that could have these symptoms. diveshaft/differential, suspension?

    thanks in advance

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    When mine was slipping it would make a load popping sound. It was easy to tell what it was.

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