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  • Saggin Springs

    Hi guys. I was workin on my front axle the other day (College is out for Christmas, and work is a little slow) and I noticed that my front springs were saggin quite a bit. The bumpers were just about touching with the beast just sitting on the jackstands. I have a 72 J4000 "Camper Special" so it has really heavy rear springs. Both front and rear springs are SOA. Due to the front spring sag, and possibly extra leafs in the rear the front end of my truck is considerably lower than the back. I would like to even things out. (School doesn't start for 2+ weeks, might as well play around with it.) I would like some suggestions as to what I can do.
    My priorities are as follows.
    1. Must be drivable, wandering etc is not acceptable.
    2. A stiff ride is not a problem.
    3. Would like to avoid drive train problems.

    My options as I see them are to
    1. Add blocks under the front springs (SOA existing) I have heard bad things about blocks on the front end. Blocks don't solve the sagging spring. But they would be quick and cheap (gotta pay tuition [img]smile.gif[/img] )

    2. Install an add a leaf AAL. Never used them before. I don't know if it will add enough arch to my springs to eliminate the sag problem. I don't know if they will give me enough lift to pick the front up to the level of the rear. (I am guessing that 4-5 inches will make the two ends about even.)

    3. Re-arch my springs. I doubt that the original arch will give me enough lift on the front end but maybe I can get the people who will re-arch the springs to throw a couple extra inches of arch in.

    I am not trying to get a huge towering beast, just want to get the front up about where the back is. Please let me know your thoughts about the options listed above or if y'all have any other ideas I am certainly open to suggestions/advice.

    Thought I should throw in all the info about the ol rig in case any of this is pertinate to the question.

    72 J4000 Camper Special 360/400/D20 Dana 44/60 (F/R)

    Thanks for the help
    1972 J-4800 Gladiator<br />360/TH400/D20<br />D44HD/D60 (F/R)

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    A bunch of people on this forum do not like the idea of rearching springs, BUT I have had good luck with it using a quality shop that stands by its work and reputation who will talk straight with a person. If you add considerably more arch to your springs than was factory, they will sag back down (according to my spring shop). You can add leaves with the rearching and probably get the lift you want. There are some spring companies out there that do custom new springs, but they are expensive to do. The obvious advantage is new springs, custom flex patterns to your vehicle and specifications. Since I don't crawl rocks like in the magazines and don't do power jumps, my rearching with extra new leaves has worked. My $.02. Good luck.
    Rhinoherd: Gladiators-<BR>63 230 OHC Tornado/44/44/3on tree<BR>100% original stock thriftside (even paint)<BR>64 400 Chev/60/44/700R;<BR>65 454 Chev/60/44/T18 project in process (engine/axles from 66)<BR>66 327 Vigilante/44/44/T18a (retro\'d back original);<BR>67 327/44/44/TH400;<BR>68 327/44/44/3on tree<BR>70 350/44/44/TH400;<BR>70 350/44/44/t18;<BR>71 350/44/44/T18a/PTO Ramsey from factory (became donor truck); <BR>73 CJ5/258/200HP via Clifford/T18/44/30/Rancho all under<BR>71 Hurst Commando/original


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      Thanks for the reply Rhino I appreciate the 2 cents.

      I have been reading about people using old chevy/GM springs as replacements for jeep springs. If anyone has heard of that? Please let me know.

      Has anyone else had experiances (good/bad) with re-arching springs. Are there various re-arching techniques? I would hate to have to deal with this problem again in 6 months due to re-arching problems.

      This forum is a great resource folks. I am very impressed.

      Thanks for the help
      1972 J-4800 Gladiator<br />360/TH400/D20<br />D44HD/D60 (F/R)


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        <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by frozen:
        Has anyone else had experiances (good/bad) with re-arching springs. Are there various re-arching techniques? I would hate to have to deal with this problem again in 6 months due to re-arching problems.

        Don't's a waste of time, effort and money.
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