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258 Engine Rebuilt Kit How does this one sound?

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  • 258 Engine Rebuilt Kit How does this one sound?

    AMC 258 Jeep Engine kit stock 1979-88

    AMC 258 Jeep Engine kit stock 1979-88
    Part Number: 258AMCMK3
    Manufacturer: Maddog Racing

    Master Engine Rebuild Kit for AMC Jeep 258 1979-88 all

    6 stock dished Speed Pro pistons
    Hastings cast rings
    Clevite 77 stock camshaft
    12 new Speed Pro lifters
    Clevite 77 main bearings
    Clevite 77 rod bearings
    Durabond seamless cam bearings
    Pioneer brass freeze plugs
    Fel Pro full gasket set
    Cloyes 3-piece timing set
    Melling oil pump kit.
    All U.S.-made premium parts. Pistons and bearings available in all oversizes. Upgrades available at additional cost.

    Price: $ 365.99

    Bore size Std..
    Rod Bearing size Std..
    Main Bearing size Std..
    Year of Vehicle 1979198019811982198319841985198619871988
    83 Wagoneer 360 727 NP208

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    Is it better to buy a rebuild kit or buy parts as you need em?
    83 Wagoneer 360 727 NP208


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      That's a great price for the package. I've bought several things from the same folks via eBay and always had good luck with them. The Cloyes timing set is a nice touch there.

      In the fall of 2003, I bought components separately, over the course of a few months, and saved a few bucks. At the time all the rebuild kits I could find included a camshaft, and I knew I wanted an upgrade (went with a Crane 753901).
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        Usually you need to take the engine apart before you can spec the kit (or individual parts). Once the engine is apart, you'll know whether and how much you need to overbore, and whether and how much you'll need to grind the crankshaft. Usually your machine shop can get as good a deal on parts as you can, so you might as well let them make a little money on the parts. Builds good will, and if there's a problem with the parts, they have to handle it.
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