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727 kickdown question

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  • 727 kickdown question

    I know that a mis-adjusted kickdown linkage can lead to cluch slippage but can I leave the kick down lever unhooked completely? Im installing a 727 in a CJ7 and Im not ready to (nor do I have) hook up the kickdown linkage. I would like to run the vehicle afterwards and make sure everything is working OK. If I leave the kickdown lever in its static position will I avoid any internal damage?

    Also, on a side note, does anyone know which port would be best to instal a trany temp sensor in? Or should I weld a bung into the pan and put it there?


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    Just tie the arm on the tranny for the linkage forward this will give you maximum pressure for driving.CIIW but if you leave it static you could slip the clutches at peak power alsowhen you are wheeling if you dont tie the linkage forward it will want to shift into high gear at low RPM unless you manually shift it then it is still a low pressure concern. What about modifying a cable to make the kickdown work you could buy a bike cable with the crimp on ends and it would be easy to modify a throttle cable bracket to work underneath. Just a thought.
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      thanks, that was the info I am looking for. The trany has a transgo shift kit installed, so I should be able to manualy shift it and just hold it in gear.
      I just wanted to make sure that I am not going to be damaging the trany if I try it with out it hooked up. I think I will just buy a Lokar kickdown cable asm. in the future, but wanted to see if the rig will move tonight. It wont be driven any distance or on the road at all, just in and out of the shop for now.

      thanks, Dan