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  • J10 steering column

    I have a 1978 J10 in something called a "rebuild" and need a replacement steering column, that being said, will Waggoneer parts fit and plug in or do I need to continue to search for the original type column? The j10 is a manual shift on the floor transmission and transfer case, basic 258 6 cylinder, any help or comments appreciated, also as an after thought, what 16 or 17 in wheels, 6 lug fit? thanks, Patrick

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    I expect most the mechanical parts will interchange. The wiring configuration will likely be different but I believe the harness can be “fished” through.

    i have several steering columns here in the Detroit area. I can sell one very cheaply if you are willing to make a trip.
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      If you can find a wagoneer or Cherokee steering colum for a manual it should be the same. It may be hard to find a manual transmission steering column though.
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        Steering column from a cj or xj or any other GM vehicle from 70/80 is useable!

        For my 73' j4000 I put a tilt steering column together from three different columns.
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