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Dual exhausts to single pipe, report.

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  • Dual exhausts to single pipe, report.

    Ok, I had the dual exhaust system removed from my Chero today. It was rusted out and had to go. Anyway, the dual system had 2.25 inch pipes going into glass packs with the pipes exiting in front of the rear wheels. The new system is a 2.5 inch press bent, over the axle, single pipe with an OEM type muffler. The results, less noise and a little less power.

    When I drove home, the engine was running rich and was bogging down during accelleration. Got home and adjusted the air/fuel ratio which got rid of the bogging and seemingly restored much of the lost power. However, after running errands all day, I would have say that there was a decrease in power. Not a big drop off, but the engine doesn't seem to rev quite as freely or pull quite as hard. There definitely was a change in back-pressure or I would'nt have had to readjust the carb.

    I am going to run with the single pipe for a while and than will probably run a second exhaust pipe side by side over the axle with the current pipe and modify the factory y-pipe to form an x-pipe crossover. There is enough room underneath to run the second pipe. However,I have the feeling this may be overkill. Maybe all I really need to do swap out the OEM type muffler for a Dynomax.

    As a side note, I was suprised at how easily and quickly the exhaust shop guys could bend pipes. When I went to the shop I brought a factory y-pipe scavenged from a junkyard and a Flowmaster Universal 2.5 inch tail pipe kit with me. I really thought it would be tough for a shop to custom bend an exhaust system. The guy just laughed (good naturedly). So we take out the Flowmaster kit and find that it only clears the axle by a few inches (maybe 3). The shop guys says this isn't enough for offroad use and I agreed. He then went on to bend up, and install a custom over the axle system in a little over an hour. The pipe bending part took maybe 10 minutes. The total cost for the whole job, parts and labor ran $160. I returned the Flowmaster system to the local "speed shop." For So. Cal. residents the muffler shop I used was Baja Mufflers on 14200 Inglewood Blvd in Lawndale. Also, prices for exhaust work vary dramaticlly around here. Some shops I called quoted more than twice Baja's price.

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    Well because of my state law (va) i had to do the work from my headers to the cat myself. I took the old pipes to a local shop and had them copied using 2.25 pipe that collects into a real Y collector after the trans support.. Long story short, i learned that exhaust work sucks to do at home and it is 50 times easier at a shop.. Just not fun when the pipes are 1/8 of a inch off from the header flang and you have to go back and forth to the shop to get it "tweaked" (it was a nightmare).

    I finally got the header flang lined up and sealed right. But from messing with the header so much, pulling and what not, i screwed the gasket up. Replaced that and now i still have a slight leak. I assume the new pipes pull on the header different and something isn't sealing right.. Its a faint leak, only heard during high revs but i'm about to pull my hair out.

    I'm going to double up the gasket and see if that helps. Any one ever tried this before?

    The good in the job is my exhuast is not rusted out, its legal, more power, and my flowmaster sounds fantastic. I went with the 40 series because i wanted to hear my truck. But believe me, if you don't like to hear your truck non stop, don't get the 40 series.. Prolly should have went with the 50.. But oh well, should enjoy my new sound when i get my 33's and my required 7" of lift! Can't wait!

    Dave, i agree with you.. Custom exhaust work isn't as difficult as it seems when in the hands of professionals. They can whip up a tail pipe in about 10min.
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      A good shop can do the job in very little time. Muffler Man did my duals for $150 out the door, he did give me a deal on a used set of super turbos that he put on a suburban one day and took off the next because the guy thought they were too loud, otherwise it would have been about $200.

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        For those of you who like to work, I made my Y-pipe out of pre-bent mandrel pieces, and used a pre-made Y-piece to connect them. Took a few hours, but wasnt that hard to do.

        IMO, a good single exhaust is good enough for most streetable engines, and alot of people think duals are faster or more powerfull, just because its louder.

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          <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by JEEPRZ:
          For those of you who like to work, I made my Y-pipe out of pre-bent mandrel pieces, and used a pre-made Y-piece to connect them. Took a few hours, but wasnt that hard to do.


          I think this is an excellent idea. One of the things I noticed about the factory y-pipe is that it is severely crimped in several places and can definitely be improved. I also agree that on our "torque motors" you don't need dual pipes. I think they only offer a small improvement, however they are sort of cool to have. Kind of like a chrome air cleaner, it lets in hot air, most likely reduces horsepower, and no one can see it, but hey its kind of cool to have.