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    Does anyone have all the Holley numbers I would need to install EFI in my '91 Grand Wagoneer to include timing control and closed loop? I've read a bunch on the different systems (Holley, CustomEFIS and Howell) and trying to make the right decision. Amny helps is appreciated. I really like the idea of all new parts.
    \'91 Grand Wagoneer, Hunter Green w/Sand Interior. All stock w/TFI upgrade.

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    Unfortunately, Holley hasn't updated their site (from what I have seen) and the only thing I have seen from Holley is a part number and a price. What is included? Who knows?
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      What are you using (if anything) or what would you use in terms of EFI?
      \'91 Grand Wagoneer, Hunter Green w/Sand Interior. All stock w/TFI upgrade.


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        I am using a Carter AFB (four barrel carb)
        I haven't even done any research into the EFI. All I know about it is what I have heard in passing. If I were to do it, I think I would probably go Holley MPFI. But the only reason I say that is because if I ever go fuel injection, it is going to be because I have hit the jackpot and have millions to burn. In that case, I would go with Holley due to the reputation of the name alone.

        back to reality though...There are, cheaper ways to do it, and in the real world, I guess my first choice would be with TPIguy's setup cause it seems to be the cheapest.

        But that is about all I know about EFI on Jeeps...not much...I only know that Holley has a PN and price for the EFI because I happen to carry Holley product. I can get you a Holley EFI setup for around $2,500.00
        - but like I said...I don't even know what is included in that. Not much of a sales pitch I know...but that is why the kit isn't on our website yet
        No FSJs for the time being - "I'm working on it, I'm working on it" (think Mike Meyers' SNL skit about the gut)


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          $2500.00? I would be willing to spend about half that. I have a '03 F150 but looking to sell it and use the '91 Wag as my #1 vehicle. I just want ot make the Wag more "new".
          \'91 Grand Wagoneer, Hunter Green w/Sand Interior. All stock w/TFI upgrade.


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            After owning a Holley Analog Pro-Jection Throttle Body injection system for the last 10 years, it pains me to suggest that you go with something else.

            The main problem with Holley's system is the Throttle Position Sensor that is super sensitive to moisture, run in a deep water hole and let the fan hit the sprays up all over the inside of the engine and the Throttle Position Sensor (if it gets wet) will deliver un-reliable information to the ECU and you will be luck to drive home.

            Watched an acquaintance of mine in Oracle Arizona pop the hood on his Scrambler with the Holley Analog EFI, cleaned all of the dust and grit off of the engine bay...we towed him home that day.

            I have replaced 7 TPS sensors in the 10 years that I have owned this system, it just ain't right.

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              You may want to look into the CustomEFIS kit more. Since he has a custom tailored kit for your 360 in your Grand. I have searched and read every post from the beginning of this board to present day and there is only one customer I know of that had trouble with his system and that is because he was running a heavily modified (ported heads and big cam) AMC. But for stock to slightly modified applications the GM TBI is dead on reliable, easy to mantain, and parts are readily available since this setup came from the factory on millions of GM trucks. I've read that the installation isn't too bad. The only thing you should repair yourself for is the possiblity of him having to tweak the settings in your chip slightly since every engine is different. It would help if you have a laptop then just get a cable to read the ECM's readings and once that data is captured send it to CustomEFIS he'll know the changes to make and send out a new chip to you.
              The other option is to Do-it-yourself. The learning curve is steep and you won't find everything you need in one place but you'll know the system inside and out and what needs to be done to fix the little hiccups.
              One more thing, on the CustomEFIS setup. You may have to wait about 1 month to get it but his customer support is going to be better than Holley or Howell. The Howell would be my last choice. You may want to look up Ted Wendell and order an HEI that works with the GM TBI system. That is what I did. Hopefully I can get my paint work done and start the installation on my system soon.
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                I have the Holley analog system on my Wag. It is open loop. The Wag had it installed when I bought it about 3 years ago. I have had no problems with it (even the TPS), but I do not like the lack of tuning capability.

                I just ordered the parts to build a fully digital ECU for the system, which will use all of the existing Holley (GM) stuff, just replacing the analog control and wire it in, I will add an O2 sensor also. This will allow me to monitor and program the fuel delivery with a laptop computer while the engine is running. I'm really looking forward to this mod, and hope to get it done in a month or so. With this setup, I should be able to adjust the fuel deliver for max power or max efficiency (mpg) depending on what I want. You should be able to put a system together with parts from a junked GM product for much less than the Holley setup. Of course you may want to decide if it's something you would be able to do on your own.

                For information on the controller and other EFI stuff:


                P.S. I also have a new Mallory HyFire ignition control to install, as I'm now having occasional problems with the OE icm.

                I'm hoping I can increase the mpg a bit when all is complete.
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                  Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I'm in the middle of putting MegaSquirt into my 88' GW. I wanted to see how your install went and if you had any suggestions. Thanks
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                    Ahhh - a couple other 'squirters on the forum. I'm waiting for V3.00 of the pcb and I'll be using that to control the TPI setup on my CJ, along with EDIS.
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                      I've had the Howell for just over 2 months with the DUI version of the HEI. Probably not the most popular choices since it is contrary to what many on the board have chosen. But I based my choice on being able to see what I was getting before buying it. I simply wasn't comfortable spending the dollars on "sight unseen" products. However, that is just my preference to see before I buy and I could see these products at my local 4X4 shop. In addition, many of the little jeeps in our local club run this setup.

                      The Howell TBI is very high quality and if it is used/rebuilt they have figured out how to make them look like and work like new. It works well for me and the difference from the carb is amazing. I also prefer the DUI because they setup they "custom" curve the distributor (at least they use a distributor machine) based on the specs of your engine and use.

                      The only time I can tell that something is a bit off is when the temp guage is between about 130 to 160 degrees. I only notice it because of the two stop lights I get stuck at on my way to work. Not a hesitation but you can tell the metering of fuel is slightly off but is only noticeable for the 2 minutes or so I'm in this temp zone and only if I am at a stop.

                      I believe the TPI guy gets around some of this by programming delays into his system before the closed loop mode kicks in, but I could be wrong.

                      I believe in the theoretical advantage of having the ECM unit control the distributor but I'm not sure if the advantage would ever show up during the daily drive with my widetrack.

                      BTW -- I did buy the introduction to TBI manual from customEFI. It gives a good sense of what these systems do or are supposed to do. DIY Manual

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                        DieselSJ, I'm planning on EDIS with v2.2 right now. My stumbling point is getting the 36-1 ring on the crank. It's too small and I'm not sure where to mount the VR sensor. Think I could mount it off the alternator and AC bracketing. Got my ECU built last night. So much fun to play with the stim. First real soldering job and everything went well, very simple and straight forward. Took probably 4.5 hrs total (because I'm slow). Now I'm getting my wring harness put together. Got a fuse box out of a last gen Firebird (with relays and fuses), an injector resistor pack from a honda something-or-another, and some egr vacuum solenoids from some 90's buicks. The goal is to almost complete rid the engine bay of vacuum lines. One to the EGR, the vapor canister, one to control the AIR injection, and leave the brakes and transfercase stuff alone.

                        Anyway, if you wanna help try and figure out a mounting idea for EDIS wheel, let me know. If I get a good VE table (probably a couple months from now) I'll send that over to you so you have a starting point.

                        Oh yeah, what's you MS screen name? I'm JeepGuy24

                        Best of luck (I couldn't wait for 3.00 [img]smile.gif[/img] )
                        88 GW...6.0/4l80e/241c swap. Just finishing loose ends. Old MSII TBI wasted spark for sale.