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Speedo gear, cont'

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  • Speedo gear, cont'

    Porkchop, I see what you mean, there is a nut to take off the speedo "stub", however, the threaded part is wider than the nut part. The only socket that will fit over the threads is to big. I tried an open end, but it was going to start to round it so I stopped! Is there some freakazoid Jeep socket that fits it? I'm going to try a mechanic friend and see if he has something. Unless you have another bit of wisdom? I'm gonna beat this!
    Jim, W.Mass. 1976 J-10 258/6 "short-bed" rebuilt motor, Webber 2bbl, Rancho 5000, C.B. 2M HAM, 30" high cap to fit over roll bar KB1FIT (sadly...sold)
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