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What is your least hated source for parts?

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  • What is your least hated source for parts?

    I've been bouncing around, and to purchase parts for my vehicles. was my favorite until they sold me an O2 sensor that was just desinged out of spec for my Acura. Then I started using and purchased a Bauer radiator for my jeep. After I already bolted it in yesterday, I noticed that the radiator drain nipple is on the passenger side instead of the driver's side where it should be. Since I already had gone through all the trouble, I'm not going to pull it out and send it back. I'm just going to go by a longer hose for the radiator reservoir. Needless to say, iautoparts has fallon off my list. Not that I'm against brick & mortar autoparts store but I can tell similar stories about the hassles I've had dealing with AdvancedAuto and AutoZone.

    Is there a good, competent and inexpensive source for parts online?

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    TFI Ignition upgrade
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    I used wrenchhead too. HTe order came a week late and looked like it had been through a thresher. The customer service was horrendous. I now use I haven't ordered online but, you can search your local stores inventory and they have an excellent range of parts. They even had tranny filters for my 72 mercedes.

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      Try this site. I have not ordered anything from them yet but they seem to have what you need.

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        I know it's not a site, but Ted the guy who runs the parts department rules. He's been there for 20+ years and knows what the hell he's talking about. Anyway, they have good prices and ship the same day.

        Lou's Jeep Sales/Service(not Cryco prices!)




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          Ordering online is great, but I have gotten just about the same price and quicker delivery from my local NAPA Dealer.

          Beleive it or not, they had in stock a rear main bearing seal and oil pan gasket set.

          I thought I was going to have to wait until 2:00 PM which is their normal delivery time for items not in stock.

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            My favorite source for hard-to-find Jeep parts is Turner 4WD. They are always helpful and know a helluva lot about Jeeps. Teir website is
            Located in Roswell,Ga. for you locals out there!

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