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727 - Transmission stuck between Drive and 2nd

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  • 727 - Transmission stuck between Drive and 2nd

    Hi there

    I've got a 1990 Grand Wagoneer, with the stock transmission.

    Went to park it, and couldn't put it into park, or neutral, or reverse.

    Linkages under the vehicle (while sloppy) are moving freely by hand.

    When I manually move the linkage that's closest to the connection to the internal parts of the tranmission, it seems to not allow me to move it the original range - eg Park, Reverse, Neutral ---- or Low at the other end.

    I can't start the Jeep now because it's stuck in Drive, and I can't reverse it out of it's parking spot either.

    Advice and laughter appreciated.


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    You may need to remove the link arm off the shaft going into the trans, it will have a pinch bolt holding it on the shaft. on top of the shaft it will be ground flat on each side, use a wrench and see if you can tun the shaft and place it in park, then place shifter in park and attach the link arm back on the shaft and tighten the pinch bolt.


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      Thanks for the suggestion - I'll give that a go.

      If that fails - and the shifter is 'stuck' - am I correct in fearing that I'll need to drop the transmission and dig into it?

      Alternatively, is inspecting this external-to-internal part of the shifter something that can be accessed with the sump / trans filter removed, without needing to totally drop the trans from the vehicle?

      All opinions and thoughts welcome - it ain't moving without your help!

      Thanks again.


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        If that does not help, then yes, drop the pan and inspect the shifting comb. You should be able to perform repairs without having to remove the trans.