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Semi Metallic Brake Pads (Centric vs Wagner)

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  • Semi Metallic Brake Pads (Centric vs Wagner)

    I have had decent performance with semi-metallics but have never latched on to a certain brand. My current set has worn so evenly that the rotor looks like it was just turned. Never seen that before. But they were placed by the PO and I don't know the brand.

    Wagner Thermo-Quiet seem to be a favorite (as found in a search of previous posts) but has anyone used the Centric Posi-Quiet from BJ's? I can buy them for less than Wagners (from BJ's) and they have decent ratings at Summit and Amazon.
    Cliff Danley
    1977 Cherokee S

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    I've used them on a couple of cars (not Jeeps) and they worked well. No difference that I could tell. They were quiet.


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      You'll be happy with either brand. Just get the one that costs less.
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        The Centric brake parts I've bought have been of good quality. Pretty sure I've only used the generic (organic?) pads, maybe Wagner or Raybestos. Supposedly the semi-metallics will wear out your rotors. There are plenty of ceramic pads available, from name brands. Check RockAuto for maybe three dozen choices. Premium style too, with claims of enhanced performance. Kinda doubt you'd see much difference by type or brand, and changing the pads is easy and inexpensive.
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