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Durango rear wiper mod

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  • Durango rear wiper mod

    how many of you have done this with success? I found the correct Durango rear wiper motor now just trying to muster the courage to do it. This is on a 1989 GW

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    We did it in our 89 and it was pretty simple. Making the arm was harder than mounting the motor. I just bent and cut down the durango arm to match the wag arm. Here is a pic of it mounted in the tailgate. You will need to make a bracket to stop the motor from twisting. It works perfect.

    IMG_20190413_174500340 by ,
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      Thanks for the picture that helps a bunch, my nervousness comes from drilling the tail gate hole larger but appears to be simple with a step bit.


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        I can't say how many have done it, but yes easy easy.
        I would agree the arm is tougher than the motor.
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          well got it all done and it works great, it was easy .... well except for the 3 times i cut and re spliced thinking it was wired wrong, i had power to the motor but wouldn't work checked fuses, relay dash switch etc. Then by accident i bumped into this little micro switch in the tail gate and it worked , so it appears with the tail gate down and the rear glass not all the way up the arm for the glass wont trigger the switch ,

          lesson learned.


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            Glad it worked out for you.

            I did mine five years ago (Babywag and I wrote the tutorials in the electrical section). I used it yesterday! It's one of the areas where you can really fix a mistake made by the factory.

            I still haven't messed with the wiper arm -- the factory Durango arm has always been "close enough."
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              Man I have to get on this. Not too many pick n pulls by me though.


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                Originally posted by pickledtoast
                Man I have to get on this. Not too many pick n pulls by me though.
                found mine on Ebay