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  • Heater Blower Motor

    No power to the blower motor switch in my 1986 J20

    All fuses good, any ideas?

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    There is a relay buried in circuit on '86-up could be culprit? has wiring diagrams if needed
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      I found one relay under the switch in easy reach and swapped a good one I had here and no power.

      Not sure if that was the correct one it was the low hanging fruit I had easy access to

      I will look for others under the dash


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        That relay looks like the correct one based on wire colors and there is no power to that relay

        Is there a fusible link wire in that circuit?


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          It would be on the wiring diagram.

          Looks like a thermal fuse on the resistor stack. Seems more likely. Use your multimeter to test. Don't flail, read the diagram and measure.
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            It was the fuse on the thermal relay. I fixed it yesterday.

            Thank you for the replies.