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The Serehill Headlight Harness

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  • The Serehill Headlight Harness

    Serehill's Headlight Harness
    In keeping with the request of Rick's family. (posted here)

    For those who wish to make their own. This is the basic harness.
    It provides power to headlights through a relay.
    It plugs into one of the headlight sockets. This powers the relay's switch.
    A ring terminal attaches to a power source.
    * For '85 and earlier with the main power distribution point inside the cab, its best to attach directly to the alternator's output (BAT) stud.
    * For '86 and later, the starter relay is an acceptable alternative. Attach to the same stud on the relay as the alternator's output wire.

    Ricks_Headlight_Harness_out of box

    Serehill's Headlight Relay Harness-1

    Serehill's Headlight Relay Harness-2

    Serehill's Headlight Relay Harness-3

    - Plug,
    Connects to original headlight socket

    - Relays rear
    Wiring into back of relays. One for Low beams, one for high beams.

    - relays

    Headlight socket, two required.

    Ring teminal for grounds, Two required.

    Serehill's Headlight Relay Harness-Breaker

    Ring terminal for Power

    Serehill's Headlight Relay Harness - Wire

    Clicking on the pictures should bring you to Flckr! page and choice to view larger.
    Let me know if there are problems.

    Some more pictures here:

    Some of the development posted here:

    Rick's Installation photos:
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    I am sorry for Ricks passing and the his Family's loss.

    I have just came across Ricks posts on his headlight harness and was really excited about what he was doing. Then seen where he had passed.
    Thankful that his son gave his blessing on the continuation of his Dad's work. Thank you for posting the harness. I may try to recreate, it would be easier if I had one in person to go by. I'm wondering if anyone will be carrying on with putting these together and offering them as Serehill Harness ? I know I would purchase one.


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      Nograin, thank you very much for posting this.
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        sigh.......i miss that man.
        Originally posted by Hankrod
        Ristows right.................again,

        Originally posted by Fasts79Chief
        ... like the little 'you know what's' that you are.

        Originally posted by Fasts79Chief
        I LOVE how Ristow has stolen my comment about him ... "Quoted" it ... and made himself famous for being an ***hole to people. Hahahahahahahahahha!

        It's like you're unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting...and knitting...and knitting...and knitting...


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          It would have been nice to have a specific Head Light Harness like this one. I purchased one on Ebay for $30 but had to extend the wires in several places to fit my J20. However, I couldn't have bought the parts for what I paid and only had to make minor changes. the concept is a big gain in performance and reliability.


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            Thanks for this - super sad to hear about Rick's passing, he was a good guy who was sooo helpful.

            I'm curious if anyone might be able to help me out. I bought one of these headlight harnesses a while back - but just got around to trying to install it today.

            It came with three relays, and also a switch to run to the dash - and also has an orange wire coming off the relay pack that's maybe 2 to 3 feet in length - unfinished end - just loose wire.

            I am not sure if I'm now going to need to use the toggle switch that came with the harness to turn things on and off


            Trying to find out what I'm supposed to do with the orange wire.

            I can't post pics if that helps.



            Just re-read my emails and saw that I accidentally received the fog light option... so, guessing the orange wire runs fog lights if/when I install them someday and can just sit in the meantime.
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              Yep, orange is fog lights.
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              82 Cherokee (parts for the 79)

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                Would anyone be willing to make one for me if so how much ... Feel free to pm me


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                  my lowbeams stopped working first they would come on then go out after a min or so.the relay is fine and clicks when I put the lows on.ive even swapped them.highs work fine and ive been using them for now.i have power all the time on one of the blues going into the low relay and with the lows on I probe the other blue and it seems to be getting power out too.ive wiggled the harness and didn't even get a flicker.any ideas where to start looking?
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                    Start at the dimmer switch. If it is "turning on" the relay to the lows, the relay is working and has power in and out, then the light is getting power to the low beam. Then it would have to be a break in the wire.
                    79 Cherokee S (current project)
                    82 Cherokee (parts for the 79)

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                      I know its a bit late for the question, but may help others.
                      This is a schematic of Rick's relay harness.
                      The open circles are ring terminal connectors.
                      The solid circles are soldered splices.
                      ^This is one of the major differences between Rick's design and others. Most others use two breakers or fuses, and no splices.

                      How it works.
                      The plug into the original headlight socket gets power from the original headlight circuit.
                      >When power is present in the low beam wire, the low beam relay closes.
                      >> When the relay closes, that means internally a heavy duty switch connects the heavy wire from the battery and alternator to the heavy wire to the headlight low beam.
                      High beam works the same way.
                      '85 Grand Wagoneer
                      360 727auto, NP229
                      body by beer (PO)
                      carries wood inside
                      no "wood" outside
                      My other car is a fish


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                        Thanks Nograin.
                        79 Cherokee S (current project)
                        82 Cherokee (parts for the 79)

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                          Serehill Wiring Harness

                          I miss Rick, what a kind and gentle man. I bought both his headlight and rear window harness both are doing well. Patience of Job. Talked to him about a week before he passed for about an hour. We talked jeeps of course but we talked about family and his health issues and then agreed to catch a beer together if we were ever in the same city. I think he was in Alabama at the time, evidently he travelled a lot for work. Wish we would have got that beer.
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                            I agree! I miss him. Really a good guy.
                            79 Cherokee S (current project)
                            82 Cherokee (parts for the 79)

                            Member FSJ Prissy Restoration Association


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                              Agreed, on both the headlamp relay and the rear window relay

                              Thanks for the post on the headlight relay!

                              Any chance we could get the same for the tailgate?

                              I too appreciate his help and his legacy lives on in the GW world!